Is education free?

I hate going down on my nee beging for because nothing is free. People love seeing you beging for they won’t give you for free.

They say knowledge is education and knowledge is free but education is not free but is heartless.. This why poverty remains higher in every society

Why would punish someone for something you can give without regrets for example Money, money is made with paper. Every day money is produced in the money industrys but this is not being used..

The real criminal in the society

I have seen a crime, I have a lot books and I have so much things happened, my question is who is the real criminal in the society?

In a society where there are law and law makers you can understand that this society should be secured. But what if there is no security then you find society in two face, I will start by describing the two different face of a society without a security

The first face of the unsecured society is the self security. At this time the individuals of the society start securing themselves the look for any means of securing themselves, some because rude, some because worst but the truth is that they are all scared. Now what is security?

Security is time and money security is freedom of speech, some countries are used as a personal business for some individuals this individuals are called the government which is supposed to provide the security for the society. This set of people are the real criminals but they is no punishment.